Business Services

EMV Business Debit Cards

  • Your St. Clair State Bank Business Debit MasterCard® is a convenient way to get cash and make purchases for yourself and your business. Easily track, report, and separate expenses. Plus, with MasterCard’s® benefits and security features, your card protects you from fraud and may save you money.

Cash Management

  • Payroll: Automate payroll procedures to reduce the time and money associated with processing paper checks.  Payroll Direct Deposit offers your employees immediate access to their hard earned money.
  • Prearranged Deposits (ACH Payment): Our Cash Management service allows you to pay anyone that accepts electronic payments.  All you need to set up a payment is the payee’s bank routing number and account number.
  • Prearranged Payment (ACH Collection):
  • Funds Transfer Services: Initiate transfers anytime, anywhere. Clair State Bank offers secure transfer service through our Internet Banking/Cash Management product.
  • Remote Deposit Capture: Save time and money with remote deposit capture. With this system, you can electronically deposit scanned checks through a secure internet connection from the convenience of your office.  Scanned checks are processed as usual.  Give us a call to learn more about how this service can work for you!

Business Internet Banking Login

Safe Deposit Boxes

  • Keep your important documents and valuables safe at St. Clair State Bank. Safe Deposit Boxes are available in various sizes.  Please give us a call for more information.